About Us

We were a family with two boys; full of laughter, soccer and bike rides. One day we were thrilled to try and have a girl... obviously we did not know what we were getting into! But the four of us were excited to give it a try. She immediately appeared in our lives and filled it with tenderness, color rose, glitter and tantrums that we had never imagined before. We named her Amanda, the most beloved, but called her Mandy. She changed our lives in so many ways and among other things, inspired me to create Mandy by Gema.

When Amanda was 8 months old, I had the need to dress her in a special way and I was concerned about the few exclusive options that existed in the market ...

It was a Friday morning and I was drinking my coffee, still in bed, when I made the decision to create a brand of children's clothing that allowed me to dress my baby with exclusive outfits and offer girls unique clothes that made them feel really special but at the same time comfortable.


Browse our store and you will see the beautiful outfits with innovative style, unique fabrics, beautiful and comfortable designs that give life to each of the garments, which are handmade with lots of love by a mom who knows that we always want to give our children the best.



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