About Us

She was born on June 12, 2015, Her name is Amanda but We call her Mandy. She changed our lives in many ways and, among other things, She inspired me to create Mandy by Gema.

When Amanda turned 8 months old, I had the need to dress her in a special way and I was worried about the few exclusive options on the market... It was a Friday morning and I was drinking my coffee, still in bed, when I made the decision to create a children's clothing brand that would allow me to dress my baby in exclusive outfits and offer girls unique clothes that would make them feel really special but at the same time comfortable.

Browse our store and you will see the beautiful outfits with innovative style, unique fabrics, beautiful and comfortable designs that give life to each of the garments, which are handmade with much love by a mother who knows that we always want to give our children the best.

Along the way we have found other needs and for this reason we began to customize dresses so that very thin or robust girls could wear personalized outfits according to their measurements. We also design birthday-themed dresses and design matching outfits for mother and daughter or for the whole family, and this has allowed us to reach a specific audience longing for beautiful and special things.



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