Yes you can, but you have to be swift. So if you need a change of size, contact our support team ASAP via support@mandybygema.com Do not forget to mention your order number when contacting our support team.

As long as your item is not shipped yet, we can still change this in our back end system. Please mail us the correct address and your order number to support@mandybygema.com and we will take care of it. Once the order is shipped out (you will receive tracking info when shipped), it is out of our hands. If that is the case you need to contact the carrier who is delivering your items.

As long as your items are not shipped, you can still cancel your order. To cancel your order mail us at support@mandybygema.com  Use "Cancel order #ORDERNUMBER" and we will take care of it.

They are made and sewed in USA. Yep, you can be certain your item is fully made in America and in good hands :)

Currently we run all our support digitally. Therefor there is no need for us to have a phone number to run support through. Our systems are pretty streamlined and we thrive to answer your questions in a timely matter.

This is the first step that you’ll take towards opening your Shopify dropshipping store. Here are some top tips for coming up with a name for your online store: Keep it simple. Be creative. Make it memorable.

At this point in our Shopify dropshipping guide we’re going to go through the settings of your newly created Shopify account. This step is essential so you can receive money from your customers, create your store policies, and establish your shipping rates.

Our Shopify dropshipping guide we’ll go over the importance of design for your ecommerce store, and we’ll talk about some key points for you to consider.

You’ve now added all the necessary information which you’ll need to launch your Shopify dropshipping store. To launch your store simply access the ‘Sales Channels’ option on your Shopify settings. From here select the ‘add an online store’ option.

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